Is moving the best alternative, and if so… where… have your explored options?

Are close family members on board with a decision to sell?

What is the best way to downsize a lifetimes worth of possessions and family heirlooms?

What are the tax related implications of a sale?

What effects might a sale have on future income?

I maintain a professional that includes individuals who can help with the various steps of the sale and move offering assistance on these an other matters:

  • The decision to sell.
  • Prior to listing – preparing the home for showing, using handymen, landscapes and clutter reduction specialists.
  • Legal considerations, lawyers to help with estate planning and closing.
  • Moving, downsizing experts, senior moving specialisers, planners and storage facilities.

I have ties through the local senior community.  Providing referrals to resources such as Meals on Wheels, public benefit officers, grief counsellors and other services that might be required.